What We’re About

DRM_9363 DRM_9421 DRM_9430 DRM_9443 DRM_6239 DRM_9353These are some highlight photos from the last workshop. I think they shine a light on what we’re all about which is a few things. 1. A community of professionalsĀ getting together and sharing their love of songwriting. 2. A safe space for people to share their songs with like minded people 3. A whole day of awesome workshops that throw ya through all sorts of challenges – vocal technique, lyric writing, music business, with lots of curveballs thrown in 4. A chance to have a one on one meeting with any of the instructors – this gets down to the nitty gritty anything you want to go over that wasn’t discussed or that you didn’t want to ask during a class 5. Well, there’s coffee snacks and free pizza, I mean..come on! This is the last week to sing up for the October 6th workshop so please Pre-Register today. Thanks so much to all who have been involved. Stay tuned!