Thanks So Much!

The event today at Columbus Museum of Art was amazing, and I do not use hyperbole when I say life changing, or at the very least extremely life enhancing. That’s what these workshops do to me every time! As a founding member, along with my dad Jim and brother Andy, I Chris take great pride in holding an event that really brings people in and allows them to share this community. For me, it’s mostly about the community of people. The workshops are definitely great but the people make those workshops. The attendees learn from the instructors and vice versa. Once again I want to thank CMA and all the people that came out, as well as all the in structors. Also thanks so much to our sponsor Six String Concert Series and our partners Donatos, Songs at The Center, and WCBE.

If you did attend please please sign our mailing list – and if you did not attend – please do the same. You can click “sign up” and fill out the form. Forgive us as the form is out dated but just enter your email and name, that’s what we’re most concerned about on that form.

November 3rd at Blockfort is our next event, official announcement soon, save the date today!