Thank You!

23331277_1422661977851110_5395978313469090643_oFirst of all I’d like to say thanks to all the participants from the October Columbus Songwriting Workshop!

I recently was asked what the classes were about from someone that did not know much about our workshop. I want to work hard this next time around to make sure I really push out the classes that our great instructors are putting out there really just to educate everyone about what we are doing.

Here’s a small re-cap of what you missed if you did not attend.  Jon Elliott and Nick D’Andrea (aka Doc Robinson) lead a great workshop on Co-Writing and talked about how they came up with some of the songs on their record Deep End which is available on vinyl to purchase here. I liked the idea of, and I am paraphrasing here, “the song is the winner” in a co-write. In other words, take all ego out and allow the song to be the thing that prevails out of the session.

T.Wong led a multi faceted discussion on songwriting, producing, stage presence, and even went into some music business. The class was really well thought out and the take away for me was to know who you are, and know where you want to go, and that will take you far in this line of work. I also liked that he talked about allowing your energy to dictate how you are going to write. Don’t write a love song if you’re just not in that mood. Check out T.Wong’s latest project The Upside Down along with his many other projects here.

Bringing back a favorite class was Billy Zenn. The “Making the Best out of your Open Mic Experience” class went through all aspects of the open mic experience and even included a real PA, mic, and. monitor set up so people could get tips on the spot on how to dial in their sound. Check out Billy’s sounds at a show soon and on his website here.

I want to really ask people what they want to hear from us, because with out YOU we would have no us. What instructors (locally/nationally) would you like to see? What classes would you like to see? Be detailed in your responses we really want to hear from you. If you are not getting our mailers (including our monthly songwriting tip) please sign the mailing list here to stay with the community.

March 24th is the next workshop with featured instructor Megan Palmer. Right now we have a super super cheap early bird discount here. Also, we will be having an informal Song Sharing Circle not unlike the one we did at the recent workshop. This will be December 5th at Andy Shaw’s house and it’s completely free to attend. Please RSVP on our Facebook Event here.
Thanks again!
Chris – Columbus Songwriting Workshop founder

–Thanks also to Donatos, Six String Concert Series, Songs At The Center, Columbus Reggae Alliance, The Jazz Arts Group, and all of our partners!–