Workshop Classes

Next Workshop July 27th at the Barnett Center at OSU.

Led by professionals, the workshop is to broaden your knowledge of song craft. Topics such as lyric writing, melody writing, booking, promotion, music business, co-writing and more will be covered. This workshop strives to create an open minded empowering space for songwriters young and old. There will be a chance for your songs to be heard, as well as plenty of networking with like minded individuals. Lunch is also included by Donatos Pizza.

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Finding Your Voice with Jess BaldwinProcessed with VSCO with b6 preset

and Voice Specialist Jess Baldwin will help you find the vocal sound that feels most authentic to you and your writing. Explore your artistic influences and the ways you can work with your body’s natural sound and ability. All levels of singing are welcomed.

Let’s Get Writing! with Eric GnezdaEric Gnezda (1)

In this class, we will get you writing a song that you will work on throughout the day. Eric will give you prompts to get the process going, like newspaper headlines, an anecdote from your past, a fable or folk tale, etc. Under our guidance, you may alone or with a partner(s). At the end of the day you will have an opportunity to perform that song, if you choose.

Using Open Mics to Polish Your Act with Billy Zenn14369971_1772373672980268_1558330187302219324_n

Hey, folks!  I’ve been privileged to host some of the most successful Open Mics in Columbus for nearly 20 years.  And in those years I’ve seen a lot of things that work, and a lot of things that could be better. We’ll be talking about all of it, and getting up on our feet to try some things out.  If you’re interested in improving your impact on an audience, this is the place for you.

Here are some of the things we’ll be exploring:

Choosing carefully.Picking the right songs for your act is essential.  Learn why, and how to do it.

Pace is everything. The performer’s guide to getting the audience right where you want them.

How much talk? Do you have a story to tell, or are you simply eating up performancet time .

Scoping out the scene. Knowing what kind of situation you’re walking into is important.

Don’t Panic! Nerves are natural before you go onstage.  We’ll talk about how to use that nervous energy to your advantage, as well as dial it down when you need to.

RJ Cowdery3231810

I have found nothing else that brings me more joy than creating songs and sharing them in ways that I might not be able to articulate well otherwise. I believe we all have the ability to tap into our true selves as writers and performers. I’ll share some techniques and tips to write, sing, and play your way into the hearts and heads of your listeners.

One on One Mentoring

Participants will have the opportunity to sign up for one on one mentoring this year for no extra fee. Advice on guitar playing? Need help with writers block? Help on that third verse? This is your time to discuss whatever you want with the instructor of your choice.

How it works:

1. Sign up online for a 15 minute session, think of it as a private lesson.

2. You will be responsible for meeting your instructor. These one on ones will be going on while other classes are in session.

3. Think about what you want to go over beforehand. Maybe you have one area you think you can improve on in a song, be specific, make the most of your time.

Song Sharing

Participants will have the opportunity to share a song in a song circle and receive encouraging feedback from instructors if desired. Song circles will be 8 to 10 writers. 

What are you trying to say? How are you trying to say it? Are you satisfied with how you said it? We want to help you with these questions.

You do not have to sign up in advance for song sharing.

 You are welcome to bring a guitar. A piano will be provided if needed. There will be a guitar available to pass around if need be.


Previous classes:

Jon and Peggy Elliot

Jon and Peggy return to the Columbus Songwriting Workshop with their unique approach to vocal technique. The mother/son duo will get you singing right away, and empower students to use their own unique voice in the correct way.

Jesse Henry

Explore Your Craft: Adventures in Song

Jesse will present ideas that will challenge your creative process.  Artists encounter moments of joy and excitement upon new discoveries.  We also endure expanses of repetitions and stagnation.

Jesse will share some of his exercises that he uses for artistic growth and development.
He will dive into lyrics, accompaniments, and sing arranging.

–Past Workshop Class info stay tuned for upcoming workshops —-

Music and Healing

Instructor: Megan Palmer

Megan will talk about her recent bout with cancer and how music has helped through the process of healing. As a writer/musician and also a registered nurse, Megan has long thought about how these two parts of her life compliment each other. “Over the past year I’ve had experiences where writing music has been healing for me. I’d like to share some of my experience and also guide everyone in finding places in their lives where writing can be healing.” Megan said recently.

Music Licensing

Instructor: Lisa Cave

List will walk attendees through all the steps of making music ready for sync licensing in three steps.
Before writing: researching and identifying the markers that make a song highly syncable for various uses and how to work those attributes into your writing.
In the studio: legal steps to take before recording begins and what you must have at the end of every studio session.
Marketing: finding the right music supervisors and sync agents to send your music to, what to say and what exactly to send.

House Concerts

Instructor:  Jared Mahone

Jared has been a touring songwriter for years and has extensive experience in all kinds of venues including house concerts. Many may not know that house concert touring is a viable way to make a living as a musician. Whether it be people opening up their living rooms or more official house venues Jared will walk you through his experiences and the many different ways this can be a vehicle to get your songs to the world in a sustainable way.


Paving Your Musical Path

Instructor: Jim, Andy, and Chris Shaw

The Shaws, who play together in the Andy Shaw Band, will talk you through some different musical paths and open the class up to a discussion. This discussion will be focused on what the next step is for you, the student. Whether you are a hobbyist, have done a couple public performances, or a seasoned pro, we will talk about ways to improve what you are doing to get to the next level.