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–Past Workshop Class info stay tuned for upcoming workshops —-

Music and Healing

Instructor: Megan Palmer

Megan will talk about her recent bout with cancer and how music has helped through the process of healing. As a writer/musician and also a registered nurse, Megan has long thought about how these two parts of her life compliment each other. “Over the past year I’ve had experiences where writing music has been healing for me. I’d like to share some of my experience and also guide everyone in finding places in their lives where writing can be healing.” Megan said recently.

Music Licensing

Instructor: Lisa Cave

List will walk attendees through all the steps of making music ready for sync licensing in three steps.
Before writing: researching and identifying the markers that make a song highly syncable for various uses and how to work those attributes into your writing.
In the studio: legal steps to take before recording begins and what you must have at the end of every studio session.
Marketing: finding the right music supervisors and sync agents to send your music to, what to say and what exactly to send.

House Concerts

Instructor:  Jared Mahone

Jared has been a touring songwriter for years and has extensive experience in all kinds of venues including house concerts. Many may not know that house concert touring is a viable way to make a living as a musician. Whether it be people opening up their living rooms or more official house venues Jared will walk you through his experiences and the many different ways this can be a vehicle to get your songs to the world in a sustainable way.


Paving Your Musical Path

Instructor: Jim, Andy, and Chris Shaw

The Shaws, who play together in the Andy Shaw Band, will talk you through some different musical paths and open the class up to a discussion. This discussion will be focused on what the next step is for you, the student. Whether you are a hobbyist, have done a couple public performances, or a seasoned pro, we will talk about ways to improve what you are doing to get to the next level.