A Closer Look: RJ Cowdery

It’s time again to take a closer look at the upcoming Instructors for the next Columbus Songwriting Workshop. We’ve asked RJ Cowdery, an award winning songwriter from right here in Columbus, a little about her writing and what to expect on July 27th at the Barnett Center3231810:
CSW: How long have you been writing songs, also tell us a little about what’s next for you.
RJ: A long time. As a kid I sang and then started to learn guitar. Writing and playing progressed as I found friends who did the same. My first songs were definitely a form of therapy to express my feelings.
What’s next – Working on tours to support my new record and and getting that out to radio and press.
CSW: What is your process with writing are you one that writes a little every single day, is it more sporadic? Is the process uniform or is it varied?
RJ: I typically write when I have something to say. I have ideas in my head that bounce around and I think might be an interesting to talk about. I play guitar all the time and write lots of snippets down. I am constantly trying to put those snippets in songs. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I tend to move on quickly if I don’t find it compelling.
CSW: Can you share a little about what people can expect in your class?
RJ:  I live by the WRITE.SING.PLAY. tag line as a songwriter/performer. It’s the way I write songs and even more importantly how I incorporate that as a mostly solo performer. They are all equal partners in my process when creating a song. I’ll share ways that I try and achieve that and offer tips and discussion on how to reach your full potential as a performer and writer.
CSW: Do you have any advice for up and coming writers?
RJ: Find your tribe. Listen and be open to lots of different music. Write up. Practice. Practice. Practice.