A Closer Look: Jess Baldwin

Jess Baldwin is new to the CSW family of instructors. After attending one of our workshops we realized that Jess would be great teaching a vocal class. If you don’t believe us, take a look at her long list of accomplishments. Recently moving from Marietta Ohio Jess has her own band and performs regularly mixing styles of art pop, soul, and jazz. We sat down to ask her a little about her writing and what to expect on July 27th when she leads a vocal class. Here’s Jess:
CSW: How long have you been writing songs, also tell us a little about what’s next for you.
JESS BALDWIN: I’ve been writing songs for about three years. I’m getting ready to record my first EP of originals, and I’m looking forward to playing in Columbus more now that I’m living here full time.

CSW: What is your process with writing. Are you one that writes a little every single day, or is it more sporadic? Is the process uniform or is it varied?
JB: I definitely write sporadically, but my process is pretty uniform. I do sense-based stream-of-consciousness writing until some juicy phrases and words start to come through, and then I expand on those with the rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, creating a spreadsheet of pieces to put together like a puzzle. If the writing starts to feel too dry or calculated, I go back to stream-of-consciousness for more material.

CSW : Can you share a little about what people can expect in your class?
JB: I’ll be talking about how to find the balance between accepting your voice’s personality and expanding your voice’s capacity. Sometimes we get to push our voice into new territory, and sometimes we have to learn to love its limitations. I’ll share thoughts on ways to do both.

CSW: Do you have any advice for up and coming writers?
JB: Read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison.

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