Updates Updates Updates!

Hey guys, apologies for the long delay and miscommunication. We are currently re-tooling some things and planning for the next workshop. It will NOT be in March as typically planned but will most likely be in summer of 2019. We have some really cool ideas and we’re working with some great partners this year so it’s exciting. A few big announcements:

Six String Concert Series Workshop with Ellis Paul – Sunday Feb 10th 10am – Dublin Rec Center

Our long running partner Six String will be hosting a workshop in partnership with CSW with world renowned songwriter Ellis Paul! More from Six String:

Ellis Paul, a perennial Six String favorite, presents “The Arc of a Song” a a two-hour song-writing seminar.¬†Ellis will share how his songs go from an initial idea to building each block of melody, adding guitar, and lyrics until it finally lands on stage or on a recording. Attendees will learn more about Ellis’ process through his interactive presentation style with plenty of room for questions from local songwriters and fans. Attendees need only bring a notebook and a pen. Minimum suggested age is 14.
Presented in partnership with The Columbus Songwriting Workshop. Tickets and more info here.

Girl Scout Partnership

CSW will be hosting a songwriting camp for the Girl Scouts in Ohio. More info soon if you have a child that would be interested please stay tuned and you can always email Chris at c.topherjames(at)gmail(dot)com for updated info. We’ll be posting here as soon as we have more details.

More to come stay tuned!