Last Week To Sign Up

The next workshop is this Saturday so if you want to sign up please do today. This next workshop as we’ve said will be a small more focused class with Matt Monta.

More info about the workshop:

DESCRIPTION: Have you ever felt like you had more to say than your song would allow? Attend this workshop to begin using fewer but more powerful words to express your big stories and ideas. In this session you will learn and perform writing exercises to more effectively use your words.

OBJECTIVES: Attendees will receive a brief talk from the instructor and participate in a thought-condensing exercise in which they will be asked to write to a prompt for an extended time. The attendees will then begin re-writing their statement with less time. (ie. 60 second – 30 seconds – 15 seconds – 8 seconds). This exercise is a fun crash-course in demonstrating how a songwriter can more effectively use language to express larger concepts.

BIO: Matt Monta is a full-time songwriter and musician based in Columbus, Ohio with three albums to his name and numerous other songwriting credits. In April 2018 he released Restless Disposition, with his band the Haymakers. Monta performs in Columbus and tours throughout the Midwestern, Southern, and Eastern United States. Read lyrics and learn more about Matt at

WHAT TO BRING: A notebook and pen to take notes and for interactive parts of workshop. No guitar necessary.

Register here for $15!