Just a few weeks away!

In 2 Saturdays from now we will be hosting our next workshop. Please take this time if you have not already to Pre-Register to save yourself $5 from the day of price. Megan Palmer, Jared Mahone, Jon Elliot, Chris Shaw, ¬†Andy Shaw, Jim Shaw, and Lisa Cave will all be presenting great classes from music and healing to licensing your music and other points in between. Thanks to all of our partners like WCBE and more specifically Johnny Diloretto for helping us out a bunch. Thanks to Six String Concerts, Songs At The Center, Columbus Reggae Alliance, Donatos Pizza, the Jazz Arts Group, and everyone else who has helped along the way. It looks like some people had problems signing up through PayPal, check again and please email c.topherjames(@)gmail(.)com if you have more problems I think we fixed the issue. There are other options on the Pre-Register page in case you do want to do that, and if you have problems you can always come day of and just mention it and we’ll give you the pre-registration price no problem. We look forward to having you any questions please don’t hesitate to email at that address above. Thanks again – Chris Shaw – founding member of CSW