A Closer Look: RJ Cowdery

It’s time again to take a closer look at the upcoming Instructors for the next Columbus Songwriting Workshop. We’ve asked RJ Cowdery, an award winning songwriter from right here in Columbus, a little about her writing and what to expect on July 27th at the Barnett Center3231810:
CSW: How long have you been writing songs, also tell us a little about what’s next for you.
RJ: A long time. As a kid I sang and then started to learn guitar. Writing and playing progressed as I found friends who did the same. My first songs were definitely a form of therapy to express my feelings.
What’s next – Working on tours to support my new record and and getting that out to radio and press.
CSW: What is your process with writing are you one that writes a little every single day, is it more sporadic? Is the process uniform or is it varied?
RJ: I typically write when I have something to say. I have ideas in my head that bounce around and I think might be an interesting to talk about. I play guitar all the time and write lots of snippets down. I am constantly trying to put those snippets in songs. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I tend to move on quickly if I don’t find it compelling.
CSW: Can you share a little about what people can expect in your class?
RJ:  I live by the WRITE.SING.PLAY. tag line as a songwriter/performer. It’s the way I write songs and even more importantly how I incorporate that as a mostly solo performer. They are all equal partners in my process when creating a song. I’ll share ways that I try and achieve that and offer tips and discussion on how to reach your full potential as a performer and writer.
CSW: Do you have any advice for up and coming writers?
RJ: Find your tribe. Listen and be open to lots of different music. Write up. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Venue (July 27th 2019)

The Barnett Center is Located inside Sullivant Hall right on High Street on OSU’s campus. It’s directly across from the Starbucks (the older location) at 106 1813 N High St , Columbus Ohio 43210.IMG_20190510_113326139_HDR copy IMG_20190510_113221564copy IMG_20190510_113151303copy IMG_20190510_113235269_HDRCOPY

Parking! (July 27th 2019)

Parking for July 27th at Barnett Center will be int his garage directly to the left of the front of the building (South). It will be the Ohio Union S. Garage at 1759 N. High St. it’s super easy right on High.IMG_20190510_113444032_HDR copyIMG_20190510_113523164_HDR copy

New Workshop Announcement!


Barnett Center

We are happy to have a new venue this time around at OSU. Here’s a little more info:

The Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise educates and prepares students for successful careers in the arts and related entrepreneurial fields. This workshop is not a part of OSU we are just using the building, check out the website for the center here.


Barnett Center is located inside Sullivant Hall at OSU  
Building 106
1813 N High St
Columbus OH, 43210

Updates Updates Updates!

Hey guys, apologies for the long delay and miscommunication. We are currently re-tooling some things and planning for the next workshop. It will NOT be in March as typically planned but will most likely be in summer of 2019. We have some really cool ideas and we’re working with some great partners this year so it’s exciting. A few big announcements:

Six String Concert Series Workshop with Ellis Paul – Sunday Feb 10th 10am – Dublin Rec Center

Our long running partner Six String will be hosting a workshop in partnership with CSW with world renowned songwriter Ellis Paul! More from Six String:

Ellis Paul, a perennial Six String favorite, presents “The Arc of a Song” a a two-hour song-writing seminar. Ellis will share how his songs go from an initial idea to building each block of melody, adding guitar, and lyrics until it finally lands on stage or on a recording. Attendees will learn more about Ellis’ process through his interactive presentation style with plenty of room for questions from local songwriters and fans. Attendees need only bring a notebook and a pen. Minimum suggested age is 14.
Presented in partnership with The Columbus Songwriting Workshop. Tickets and more info here.

Girl Scout Partnership

CSW will be hosting a songwriting camp for the Girl Scouts in Ohio. More info soon if you have a child that would be interested please stay tuned and you can always email Chris at c.topherjames(at)gmail(dot)com for updated info. We’ll be posting here as soon as we have more details.

More to come stay tuned!

November 3rd Workshop Tickets Available Now!

CSWNOV3BreakoutWe are really excited to continue our Breakout Sessions series with founding member Chris Shaw. He will present a class covering acoustic guitar arranging with a section on looping pedals. Learn more about his class here. These Breakout Sessions offer a cheaper price point for a short hyper focused workshop.

Sign up today at this link

We like to think they get you “hooked” for the bigger workshops that happen twice a year (like the one we just had at Columbus Museum of Art). These workshops not only offer knowledge and skill building but they provide a great opportunity to continue the community of writers looking to further their craft. Being able to talk with other songwriters and connect on a personal level is a huge reason we do what we do.

Thanks So Much!

The event today at Columbus Museum of Art was amazing, and I do not use hyperbole when I say life changing, or at the very least extremely life enhancing. That’s what these workshops do to me every time! As a founding member, along with my dad Jim and brother Andy, I Chris take great pride in holding an event that really brings people in and allows them to share this community. For me, it’s mostly about the community of people. The workshops are definitely great but the people make those workshops. The attendees learn from the instructors and vice versa. Once again I want to thank CMA and all the people that came out, as well as all the in structors. Also thanks so much to our sponsor Six String Concert Series and our partners Donatos, Songs at The Center, and WCBE.

If you did attend please please sign our mailing list – and if you did not attend – please do the same. You can click “sign up” and fill out the form. Forgive us as the form is out dated but just enter your email and name, that’s what we’re most concerned about on that form.

November 3rd at Blockfort is our next event, official announcement soon, save the date today!

What We’re About

DRM_9363 DRM_9421 DRM_9430 DRM_9443 DRM_6239 DRM_9353These are some highlight photos from the last workshop. I think they shine a light on what we’re all about which is a few things. 1. A community of professionals getting together and sharing their love of songwriting. 2. A safe space for people to share their songs with like minded people 3. A whole day of awesome workshops that throw ya through all sorts of challenges – vocal technique, lyric writing, music business, with lots of curveballs thrown in 4. A chance to have a one on one meeting with any of the instructors – this gets down to the nitty gritty anything you want to go over that wasn’t discussed or that you didn’t want to ask during a class 5. Well, there’s coffee snacks and free pizza, I mean..come on! This is the last week to sing up for the October 6th workshop so please Pre-Register today. Thanks so much to all who have been involved. Stay tuned!